A hands-on course on infrared thermography for convective heat transfer measurements will be offered to up to 20 participants to the colloquium. Information on how to apply will be announced soon.

Rodrigo Castellanos will guide participants through the intricacies of infrared thermography (IRT). The session will commence with advice on how to design and fabricate sensors for convective heat transfer measurements, offering insights into various strategies with a focus on additive manufacturing. Participants will visit an active experiment, employing IRT for heat transfer enhancement in turbulent wall-bounded flows. Subsequently, participants will engage in a hands-on experience using a Matlab toolkit for IRT processing, exploring diverse image-filtering methodologies and computational techniques to quantify convective heat transfer. The workshop is scheduled to take place at Leganés - UC3M campus on the afternoon of March 20, 2024.

Rodrigo Castellanos is a researcher at INTA, adjunct professor at UCLM, and collaborator at UC3M. He is an expert on IRT time-resolved measurements, achieving his PhD in active flow control for heat transfer applications in turbulent wall-bounded flows.